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perspective, life, and connection

my perspective
I’ve always had a love for beautiful typography. Used alone or combined with alluring images suitable to a deliverable message, words on a page become art when there is thought behind them. Every mark should promise connotation, every spec point to the message. Design that works is design that is simple! I believe each choice made in the development of any project should have purpose and meaning, targeting the appropriate audience. Above all though, easy readability by your prospects is crucial.

my life
My passion for art extends beyond typography. I’ve studied painting and sculpture, and am a member of the Greater Norristown Art League. I appreciate the organic beauty created in the sand as waves crash and recede back into the ocean. Those patterns often remind me of wet paint on my canvas. I go to the beach with my family every year, and aside from playing with my children, losing myself in those patterns in the sand is my favorite part. I live in Schwenksville, PA with my husband and two of the most amazing little people…my kids. They teach me balance and make me appreciate every single day. I thank them, as well as my husband, Chris, for all of their love and support in my business and in my life.

As every project is different, I don’t like to post a menu or price list as custom work can vary. Call my cell or send me an email with preliminary thoughts and goals. I’m happy to provide an estimated cost for your project. 267.879.1026 or joann@springmountainstudio.com



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